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Modern vehicles with their active and passive safety systems have advanced significantly over the years but even when you are having an accident with a premium car the safety system you are using to secure the accident scene is more than 50 years old, viz. a breakdown triangle. When you are counting on your hazard flasher you may be left abandoned sometimes. Depending on the impact, this device simply will no longer work as the blinkers are destroyed mechanically in most cases. Moreover, more than 70% of crashed vehicles come to a standstill crosswise to the direction of traffic so even a working hazard flasher will almost not be visible to other vehicles. In addition, experience has shown that especially on motorways breakdown triangles are run over by other road users in no time and as they are set up on the ground they are poorly visible only. Terrible accident reports of the last few months show that serious sequential accidents happen time and again costing the lives of innocent bystanders who had not been hurt in the accident in the first place. This is because following road users did not recognise clearly an accident scene. Especially on motorways minutes may decide between life and death.

Our objective was to invent a novel, easy-to-use warning light for everybody incorporating state-of-the-art technology. “Warning light 4.0” so to speak. In fact, IWARN® is not only the world’s strongest and most advanced mobile warning light but a complete rescue system, as well for we integrated also state-of-the-art GPS and GSM. Owing to the use of 21 heavy-duty LEDs together with special ancillary lenses IWARN® is visible for kilometres. Depending on the situation, the user can choose among different flashes (emergency signal for mountainous regions, SOS, flashing) and continuous light. Moreover, its unique cruciform structure (similar to a railroad crossing sign) allows creating directional arrows (flashing to the left/right) in order to reroute traffic this way. 


Apart from reliable optical warning for the prevention of sequential accidents it is essential get help as fast as possible. Shocked victims of an accident frequently are not able to give an exact description to rescuers where to find them. In such cases, IWARN® is a reliable tool. At one push of a button the operator will release a complete chain of rescue measures. 


Every IWARN® has a built-in highly sensitive GPS receiver with a positional accuracy of approx. 1 metres. This GPS module is complemented by an extra strong GSM module which is appropriate for all national and international networks and which registers always in the network having the best reception at the moment. So, the risk to be in an area with no reception and to be unable to make a call is almost excluded for persons seeking help. The user can choose among 2 different emergency calls:


Emergency call for roadside assistance:  such a call is made to report a breakdown (no accident, no injured persons) to the IWARN® alarm centre, e.g. when a car is standing on a breakdown lane on a motorway. This call will be forwarded to the headquarters of motorway operator for their information, for example. 


Emergency call after an accident: this call allows signalling an accident. The IWARN® alarm centre forwards the call to the responsible rescue organisation and will send help immediately. IWARN® will establish connections automatically to avoid that persons involved in an accident may not remember the right number in their state of shock.

The IWARN® alarm centre is on duty 24/7. For emergency calls no costs incur.


Your car has broken down or you had an accident,


you come across a break- down or an accident and you would like to help.


TAKE YOUR IWARN® AND PRESS THE ON/OFF button. for your own protection, wear your warn® like a shield.

ACtuate the on/off BUTTON To activate automatically the extra strong double flash signal. the control unit is booting up at the same time and all over the world, warn® will register within 30 seconds in the gps and gsm network having the best reception to be ready for your emergency call.


Place your iwaRN® on the car top using the magnetic base and align it. if the ve-hicle also in any other position provided that it faces the oncoming traf-fic.


IwaRN® even clings in wet conditions and with snow and does not scratch the car paint. 


The excellent luminance of Iwarn® now ensures that you can be seen for kilome-tres. 


NOW YOU CAN make your emergency call just at the push of a button. you have the choice to signal either a breakdown or an emer- gency. 

ATTENTION: use this feature with care - when making an emergency call the respec- tive rescue services will send help instantly (High- way Patrol, Mountain Res- cue Service, SAR, coAst guard, etc.). Misuse will be prosecuted.


IwaRn® will send now the message and the exact gps data to the emergency call centre using the gsm net- work having the best re- ception at the moment. to do so, Iwarn® uses a per-fectly precise gps module with an accuracy of +/-1m. SO, in case of a motorway accident we know the di-rection your car is facing.


IwaRn® WORKS WITH ALL major GPS SATELLITE SYS-TEMS:  GPS (USA), GALIleo (Europe), glonass (Russia) and Beidou (China).


at the emergency call cent- re, your call is analysed immediately and all neces- sary steps are taken. a breakdown report is sent to inform the respective highway operators while in case of an accident report, the nearest rescue forces will be called to send you help.


NOW, the emergency centre, sends an acknowledgment signal to your iwarn®. your iwarn® will put out a light signal to confirm the re- ceipt of this message. so, you can be sure that your call was successful and that help is on its way.



Adapt now your light sig- nal to the current situa- tion to ensure the best possible warning effect.


choose from 7 different light modes and 2 diffe- rent luminous power set- tings (city mode and over- land mode). 









flashing arrow to the left




In the EU, it is mandatory that all lorries with a weight of more than 3.5 tonnes carry two warning lights which must be independent of the lorry’s electrical system. Therefore, IWARN® is the ideal tool for privately and commercially used lorries. No matter if motorhome or coach: with IWARN® every dangerous spot can be made clearly visible. In particular, this goes for accidents and breakdowns involving dangerous goods vehicles, the "rolling bombs on the road". For the use with lorries, IWARN® will come in a commercial double set and its own mounting stand in the future.


Apart from accident and breakdown situations, IWARN® can be used perfectly to warn of the end of a tailback already from a distance or of a crowded rest area when used on the last vehicle (which, in most cases, protrudes into the road). 

Serious accidents happen time and again when damaged and unlit vehicles are being prepared for towing. In this case, an IWARN® mounted on the roof of the broken-down vehicle can defuse the situation decisively.


Also, when towing a vehicle, IWARN® can ideally remain on the towed vehicle to warn the following road users. 






The purchase price of IWARN® already includes all costs. This means that no costs will incur for the unlocking of the SIM card nor will we charge monthly fees for the use of the emergency call centres or any other roaming fees. So, rest assured that your IWARN® will work when you need it.


We cooperate worldwide with com-mercial operators of emergency call centres of the police, ambulance services or leading automobile as-sociations which are headquartered in the respective region. This ensures also that there are no language barriers and that the best rescue resources are used.

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