Every time you are parking your car to watersports to exercise,  do not forget   to bring your IWARN®.


If you find yourself in an emergency situation, IWARN® will be your reliable lifesaver on rivers, lakes and seas .

Owing to its extremely strong light IWARN® is recognised even from wide distances. The two rechargeable heavy-duty batteries ensure that IWARN® will be flashing in permanent operation for up to 3 days. When switching over IWARN® to continuous light you can use IWARN® as a very far reaching flash-light or as lighting in a life raft.

​Irrespective of the light signals, the built-in autonomous GSM transmitter and receiver as well as the integrated highly sensitive GPS system ensure that you can make a fully-automatic emergency call by indica-ting your exact position.

So, the coast guard will get your exact coordinates and when approaching the scene they will recognise your light signals already for kilometres.

Owing to its high quality in compliance with military standard MIL-STD-G850, IWARN® is vibration-resistant and insensi-tive to shocks and air pressure differences.


Not to mention that IWARN® according to IP67 is waterproof and dusttight. More- over, IWARN® can withstand tempera-tures from -30° to +80° Celsius. 


Thanks to IWARN® the sail boat and his occupying also with bad view and strong swell for the rescuers becomes clearly visi-ble.


IWARN® is also applicable for the modern professional navigation. In the implemen-tation with infrared lights there can be pi-lots with night view devices an ideal help position by the recovery at night.

Thanks to his crash-protected outside case IWARN® also is able ideally with to mari-time military operations are used. Thus, for example, the occupying of a submarine is able to do with it even better the recovery of an ill companion with the necessary luminous signals for the rescue team sup- port.